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A car for the assault department on Bakhmut

A car for the assault department on Bakhmut

A car for the assault department on BakhmutPURCHASED

This 2008 Ford Ranger

The cost is 8300 EUR * 41.7 = 346,110 UAH

Special thanks Роману Терентьєву та Дар'ї Дригіной за надані 100 000 грнto buy a car


We are not stopping the collection yet because we pledged other people's money and we still have to buy swamp rubber, paint it and do a little maintenance


We are collecting for a pickup truck for the assault brigade near Bakhmut
The car must be in perfect condition so as not to fail at a critical moment
The fighters lost 2 cars the other day

As an option, we are going to look at this 2008 Ford. In good shape. Or something identical. It costs 8k UE and is already in Kyiv. Not cheap. But this 4*4 is not very old. We don't want to see cheap scrap metal. We already have a bitter experience when you take a used, cheap car - and then a lot of time and money is spent on its hundred percent repair. The life of the military depends on the reliability of the car.


On the Bakhmut pickup truck

A pickup truck for the assault company that was liberating Kherson and immediately moved to one of the hottest destinations - Bakhmut

🎯Target: 320 000.00 ₴

🔗Link to the bank

💳 Bank card number
5375 4112 0460 8520

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