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Mega Drone Raefly VTOL UAV for the 60th brigade Kherson region

Mega Drone Raefly VTOL UAV for the 60th brigade Kherson region


Scout mini-bairaktarik - drone that changes the rules of the game!

It is very necessary for the fighters from the special intelligence unit of the 60th brigade, who operate as part of the OK "South" in the Kherson region


The Raefly VTOL UAV drone can be in flight for 2.5 hours and fly 150 km. It is equipped with additional modules that improve the camera and allow you to see from a safe height using zoom. The video is transmitted at a distance of up to 30 km, which is very cool. The drone is also equipped with an Autopilot

The situation at the front is now such that they cannot do anything with existing drones, and a drone with such a range dramatically and radically changes the balance of forces in our direction.

Mavics and everything else like that - now it's "kindergarten" and pampering, they don't solve problems.


How the price of a drone is formed:

Advanced version: $ 10,199 (price on the website with additional equipment

  • Flight Controller (X7+, Neo 3 GPS, AirSpeed MS4525) $1262 (
  • AirSpeed $108 (
  • GPS Neo 3 $118
  • Remote Control H16 Pro $1599 (
  • Sky Unit receiver $699 (
  • Batteries - 4 pieces $448 x 4= $1792 (
  • And the Viewpro Q40T camera with 40x optical zoom, the cost of which is $5000-7000 (

If you calculate the total cost, the price is $20,777-$22,777

We agreed with the manufacturer on the price of $18,259

The cost of delivery to Poland is $1148

Blurring was avoided!

They also paid UAH 14,000 for storage in a warehouse in Poland and delivery from Poland to Ukraine


UAH 90,000 were provided by the military from the 60th brigade, and 5k USD provided Good morning, we are from Ukraine.


Cost: 709686.82 UAH. /19 407 USD / 18 486 EUR (drone cost and delivery to Europe)

Status: in Ukraine, we are waiting for military personnel to undergo training there

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