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On the Repair of cars for the 3rd Assault Brigade

On the Repair of cars for the 3rd Assault Brigade

A car on the front line is a critically important thing.

Assault, transportation of food, shells, medical evacuation - without this it is practically impossible to fight effectively and safely, just like without the weapons themselves.

Unfortunately, cars are lost every day, but some can still be repaired.

The fighters of the 3rd Assault Brigade, who work in Bakhmut, turned to us with a request to help repair several cars - they need approximately UAH 100,000.


To make the meeting interesting, they prepared gifts that we will raffle off at the end of the meeting:

1. Cool Chevron of the Special Forces - for the largest donation

2. A tube with an M-777 projectile - for the next largest donation

The following will also be drawn randomly via

3. a box of 12.7 cartridges for a Browning machine gun - for a donation of UAH 500 or more

4. a box of pomegranates - for a donation of UAH 300 or more

5. a broken projectile rpg 7 - among those who curse the post

6. Shot zinc from 5.45 cartridges - among those who will spread the post

Donations add up and their number is not limited - so increase your chances)

On each gift, the fighters will write a greeting just for you (the text will be agreed with the winners)

That's why they chased it!

Send us a screenshot of the payment in a private message, and you need to donate here:

Link to the bank

Bank card number

5375 4112 0522 4863

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